Обращение Президента WAS

Dear WAS members,

It is with great pleasure that I share this message with you all as the new elected president of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

I am deeply grateful for the trust that the WAS member societies and the new elected Advisory Committee (AC) members have deposited on me. I would also like to congratulate all colleagues who were just elected for the new WAS AC and send a word of recognition to the ones who have just completed their term.

WAS is the world’s major umbrella organization in the field of sexual health /sexual rights, representing more than one hundred member organizations and several other global organizations from the five continents. This global representation, together with its multidisciplinary nature are the major strengths of WAS and constitute its unique distinctive characteristic.

Our goal is for WAS to actively assume its role as a major global organization and bring together all other global and major regional societies in order to develop common strategies to achieve its common mission goals: “promoting sexual health throughout human life spans all over the world by developing, promoting and supporting sexology and sexual rights for all”. In particular, initiating and strengthening of strategic partnerships with WHO, PAHO, UNFPA, UNESCO and other UN organizations, is crucial in pursuing these goals.

Besides this, WAS should strongly work towards increasing the global representation of organizational and individual members in cooperation with the regional federations, mainly from under-represented regions such as Asia-Oceania, Eastern Europe, Central America  and Africa.

WAS should also develop a consistent strategy to increase its global recognition and awareness across the world. Initiatives such as the World Sexual Health Day and Youth Committee, together with a strong and ambitious media strategy play a central role in disseminating WAS’ mission and goals.

All these ambitious goals will only be achieved with the active involvement and participation of all WAS organizational and individuals members. Therefore, we invite you all to actively participate, by contacting us, sending comments or suggestions, sharing your ideas regarding important sexual health/rights related topics, or just sharing your main initiatives.

Please visit our website for more details about the new WAS Executive and Advisory Committees as well as Committee Chairs.

The new Executive Officers are proud to lead such a number of exceptional colleagues and organizations from all around the world, and we hope to work together with all to accomplish WAS goals and mission.


 Pedro Nobre

President of the World Association for Sexual Health