Приглашение Всемирной Ассоциации сексуального здоровья на 23 конгресс|

Dear colleagues and friends, Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Sexological Society of the Czech Medical It is my great pleasure to warmly invite you to our 23rd Association of J. E. Purkyně, on behalf of the Institute biannual congress for the World Association for Sexual of Sexology of Charles University — the oldest university Health in Prague. Our congresses are each unique in the sexological institute in the world, and also on behalf of my topics, themes and breadth of scope that they offer to fellow Czech sexologists, I would like to cordially invite sexologists and those working or interested in learning more you all to the 23rd World Congress for Sexual Health held about the field of sexual health. You will be able to submit in Prague in May 2017. Prague is a city which has played your work, to network with peers, colleagues and friends an important role in the history and the development and to enjoy a congress that has such wide appeal across of sexology: for example in Prague Prof. Kurt Freund a number of different specialties and of global reach. designed the first phaloplethysmograph, Prof. Václav Michal performed the first vascular microsurgery of a male patient Our meeting will be under the auspices of a friend of long with erectile dysfunctions. We are proud to have the capital standing, Professor Petr Weiss. Petr is a recent recipient city of the Czech Republic play host to this exceptional forum of the prestigious EFS Gold Medal and I know that he and of outstanding lectures and interactive discussions. his team will be the perfect hosts for our next congress. I do hope that you will find the time to contribute and participate So come to Prague, a place where different cultures have been at the next WAS congress in whatever way you can whether meeting for centuries to exchange knowledge and ideas. I am you are a long standing supporter of WAS or a newcomer. We confident you will enjoy your stay and visit our wonderful city welcome everyone who supports our mission statement and again in the future. we look forward to your attendance in this most magnificent and historical city.

We look forward to meeting you.

Professor Kevan Wylie

Professor Petr Weiss

WAS President

WAS 2017 Congress President